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December 6, 2023

Update 1.1 Patch Notes & Discord Stage Recap

Thank you to all who joined our recent Discord Stage! In case you missed it, here’s a look at what’s coming in Update 1.1. READ MORE

December 5, 2023

The Guide to Gear: Fortifying Your Kombatants

Outfit your Fighters with the proper Gear and massively increase their might, then send them into kombat with confidence! READ MORE

November 22, 2023

Onslaught Kommunity Challenge

Fight in the Liu Kang Boss Tower to Reach 500,000 Wins READ MORE

November 14, 2023

These Are The Relics We Seek

When the Elder Gods stripped Shinnok of his divine power, they infused it into a sacred metal and scattered its shards across the realms. READ MORE

November 3, 2023


The art of martial philosophy does not suffice for Fighters out to defend their realm in the Mortal Kombat tournament. Thus, the Kombat Effect. READ MORE

October 24, 2023

The Comic Book is here!

Meet the kombatants of Mortal Kombat: Onslaught in this new companion comic book based on the game! READ MORE

October 17, 2023

Tips + Tricks

We’re incredibly excited for you to experience Mortal Kombat: Onslaught, a mobile-exclusive RPG journey set in a klassic Mortal Kombat timeline! READ MORE