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The Guide to Gear: Fortifying Your Kombatants

December 5, 2023

Outfit your Fighters with the proper Gear and massively increase their might, then send them into kombat with confidence!

Every Fighter possesses six Gear Slots, each to be equipped with a unique piece of Gear. The 6 types are: Head, Weapon, Arms, Legs, Torso, and Accessory.

Gear Sets

Get the most from your Gear by equipping complete Gear Sets to a Fighter. When a complete Set is equipped, a single stat receives a significant boost for that Fighter. Gear Set icons can be found on the red flag on the top left.

Gear Sets are made up of either 2 or 4 pieces of Gear. The different Gear Sets include: the Attack Set, Defense Set, Health Set, Critical Chance Set, Critical Damage Set, Mastery Set, Tenacity Set, and Haste Set.

Gear Set Icons

Critical Damage & Mastery

Tenacity & Critical Chance

Attack & Health

Haste & Defense

Bonuses for completing a Gear Set range from 12% for Critical Chance all the way up to 50% for Critical Damage. Fighters can equip a 4-piece set and a 2-piece set or you could also equip a Fighter with three 2-piece sets instead. The choice is yours!

4-Piece Critical Damage + 2-Piece

One thing to heed: Gear Set bonuses cannot be stacked; equipping 3 Critical Chance Sets to the same Fighter will not triple the boost.

Gear Tier

After Sets, Tier is the next most important factor in considering which Gear to choose. A Gear’s Tier is indicated by the number on the top left corner of the Gear Tile. The higher the number, the better the Tier.

Tier dictates both the quality of the initial stat boost on a piece of Gear, as well as the extent to which those stats increase as you level the Gear up.

Gear Rarity

Consider Rarity the third most important quality when choosing Gear for your Fighters. Rarity dictates the number of initial sub-stat bonuses a piece of Gear starts with.

Common Arms Level 1 (0 Sub Stats)

Uncommon Arms Level 1 (1 Sub Stat)

Rare Arms Level 1 (2 Sub Stats)

Epic Arms Level 1 (3 Sub Stats)

Gear Leveling

A Gear’s level is indicated by the number in the bottom right corner of the Gear Tile. Every time Gear is leveled up, the primary stat increases.

Every third time Gear is leveled up (levels 3, 6, 9, etc.), in addition to the primary stat, a sub-stat increases or a new sub-stat is unlocked.

Seek the Synergy

Different Classes of Fighters, then even specific Fighters, are going to naturally pair with certain Gear Sets and stat bonuses. Below are examples of sets that pair well with specific classes.

Defender: Defense Set & Health Set

Assassin: Attack Set & Critical Chance Set

Attacker: Critical Damage Set & Defense Set

Support: Mastery Set & Tenacity Set

Sniper: Critical Chance Set & Health Set

When looking to find a specific Fighter’s synergy: say a Fighter’s Abilities grow more powerful the higher their Health, equip Gear from a Health set with as many Health boosts as possible to that Fighter.

Experimenting with different synergies for a Fighter’s class, as well as their unique build, will push your team toward flawless territory.

The possibilities with Gear stats are numerous so make sure you are taking advantage of Gear rewards from Boss Towers to acquire the Gear that best achieves your goals!