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Onslaught Kommunity Challenge

November 22, 2023

Fight in the Liu Kang Boss Tower to Reach 500,000 Wins

November 22nd 11:00 AM CT – November 28 11:00 AM CT

Greetings Kombatants,

Welcome to the first Mortal Kombat: Onslaught Kommunity Challenge!

Join players around the world and reach 500,000 battle wins in the Liu Kang Boss Tower. The Liu Kang Boss Tower has been extended for this special event until November 28 at 11:00 AM CT for this special event.

Collect 50 free Krystals each day of the Kommunity Challenge as a bonus gift, and unlock milestone rewards like Fighter XP, Skull Orbs, and Master Orbs as specific check points are reached.

Challenge Check-Points & Rewards

175,000 Battle Wins = 75K Fighter XP

250,000 Battle Wins = 50 Skull Orbs

375,000 Battle Wins = 20 Master Orbs

500,000 Battle Wins = 200 Krystals

Note: Must be level 8 to play Boss Towers