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These Are The Relics We Seek

November 14, 2023

When the Elder Gods stripped Shinnok of his divine power, they infused it into a sacred metal and scattered its shards across the realms. Over eons, these shards were used by mortals to create various powerful Relics. Shinnok discovered the secret of these Relics and will do whatever it takes to get his powers back. He must be stopped! When you find these relics on your journey, use them to strengthen your team.

These are the Relics we seek:

Kafallah Clarion

The diabolical Kafallah warlocks created the Clarion to tame the Netherrealm’s wraiths and demons. These dark creatures cannot resist its call. Whoever controls the clarion commands the largest, darkest army ever assembled.

Location: Netherrealm

Drahmin’s Mask

For centuries Drahmin was trapped in the Netherrealm, tortured constantly as punishment for his mortal sins. When he finally made his escape and returned to Outworld, Drahmin found himself unwelcome. Shao Kahn killed his former warlord and ate his soul.

Location: Outworld

Crown of Jerrod

For millennia, this ceremonial crown was passed down through generations of Edenian sovereigns. It was a treasured symbol of the realm’s longevity. Edenia’s final sovereign, King Jerrod, was wearing the crown when he was beheaded by Shao Kahn.

Location: Outworld

Sun Do Hearthstone

Like many Outworld villages, Sun Do protected itself with a hearthstone. Its magic safeguarded the villagers’ lives and livelihoods. Unfortunately, Sun Do’s hearthstone was no match for the spells of Shang Tsung and Quan Chi. It was overpowered and Sun Do’s villagers were enslaved.

Location: Shang Tsung Island

Bloodstone of Vaeternus

The vampires of Vaeternus drink blood to stay alive. But not just any blood will do; Vaeternians can only consume blood which is compatible with their clan’s unique physiology. Each clan has a stone like this. Its magic identifies suitable victims.

Location: Earthrealm

Osh-Tekk Baton of Victory

To commemorate great conquests, Osh-Tekk emperors awarded batons to their victorious warriors. No Osh-Tekk totem was more highly prized. This particular baton was awarded to a young Kotal K’etz for his valor during the Osh-Tekk’s campaign against the Qu’attons.

Location: Outworld

Death Mask of Al’Sheva

Prior to their defeat by Shao Kahn, the Kytinn were Outworld’s dominant insectoid species. For her failure in battle the Kytinn’s queen, Al’Sheva, was killed by her own subjects. They preserved Al’Sheva’s face as a warning to future queens: they must protect the Hive at all costs.

Location: Outworld