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Tips + Tricks

October 17, 2023

We’re incredibly excited for you to experience Mortal Kombat: Onslaught, a mobile-exclusive RPG journey set in a klassic Mortal Kombat timeline!

As you progress, unlock mighty Fighters and assemble powerful teams in an all-new, epic story. It’s entirely up to you to determine how you play and what style of team to kreate!

Prepare yourself for kombat with these helpful tips, hone your skills, and annihilate the kompetition.

Kollect Free Rewards

Every day, a series of free rewards are made available for all players. Kollecting these rewards will help you progress through the game and strengthen your Fighters! Find your daily rewards and resources in these locations:

Free Daily Summon: Test your luck and receive a Fighter or Relic from the Summoning Portal.

Gong of Prosperity: Koins and Fighter XP accrue over time. Ring the gong and reap the rewards. Advancing the story boosts the accrual rate!

Daily and Weekly Login Rewards: Claim special rewards for logging in each day, as well as hitting streaks for weekly login rewards. These vary per day, so be sure to login and claim them!

Know Your Kurrencies:

Mortal Kombat: Onslaught features various resources and kurrencies to help you progress through the realms:

  • Koins: Use Koins to power up your Fighters, enhance Relics, and upgrade your Gear.
  • Krystals: A valuable resource used to trade for various items, including Skull or Master Orbs.
  • Skull Orbs: Use these to summon additional Fighters and Relics.
  • Master Orbs: A more valuable Skull Orb used to summon the mightiest FIghters.

Additional modes, such as Boss Towers and Arena use other kurrencies, so keep an eye out as you progress in these areas.

Combine the Right Classes

Mortal Kombat: Onslaught features several different Fighter classes that define expected behavior, Ability types, and core stats. Each class features defined strengths and weaknesses, so build accordingly:

Assassin: Melee Fighters that specialize in taking out high-priority foes by moving from foe to foe. Very high Attack, but lower Health than Warriors.

Warriors: Melee Fighters that focus on dealing damage. A good balance of above average Attack and Defense with high Health.

Attacker: Ranged Fighters that deal damage from a distance, avoiding engagements. High Attack, but low Defense.

Sniper: Ranged Fighters that specialize in taking out high priority foes from a distance. They have the highest Attack of any class, but very low Health and Defense.

Defender: Melee Fighters that specialize in withstanding attacks from foes. They have the highest Health and Defense of any class.

Support: Ranged Fighters that generally focus on fortifying their team by applying buffs, directly healing teammates, or debuffing foes. Moderate Defense with a slightly higher balance of Attack and Health.

Placement Matters

It is incredibly important where you place your chosen Fighters on the battlefield. A strong team is made even mightier with strategic placement. Defenders and Warriors are best utilized in the front, while Sniper and Support Fighters with less Defense are great for picking off foes from the backline. Be sure to view the battlefield prior to each encounter. As waves of foes will consist of different arrangements and classes, you can craft a fool-proof strategy based on what you see koming in future waves. Take some time, experiment, and don’t be afraid to try new strategies that your opponents won’t be expecting.

Mind, Body, Spirit

Each Fighter in Mortal Kombat: Onslaught aligns with one of three Affinities: Mind, Body, or Spirit. Some Fighters, for example, may be strong against Mind but weak against Body, so learning your Fighter’s Affinity will help you build a better team for withstanding the challenges ahead.


Be sure to check each Fighter’s specific Abilities to not only learn how they play, but also what secondary effects they possess that can really turn the tide of kombat.

Many Fighters have synergies that you might not notice at first glance. For instance, Baraka can inspire fellow Tarkatan teammates by stacking damage bonuses from Bleed effects, while Mileena’s Abilities focus on dealing additional damage to foes suffering from Bleed. Outfitting a team of Tarkatan fighters with both Mileena and Baraka makes for an incredibly powerful, blood-thirsty battalion.

Experiment with different kombinations of Fighters to discover additional synergies!

Gear Up for the Fight

Gear is incredibly important to your overall success, and you’ll unlock plenty of it through natural game progression. Equip Gear to Fighters that amplify their natural strengths, and look out for set bonuses, additional power ups for equipping a complete set to a single Fighter. Kollecting and equipping the proper Gear can be the difference between a mighty victory and an untimely demise.

See You in Battle!

We hope these tips help you when challenging players from across Earthrealm to kombat. Don’t forget to participate in PVP Seasons, earn special Arena rewards, and climb the leaderboards to show the realms what you are made of! Finally, be sure to follow us on our social channels and Discord to talk about Mortal Kombat: Onslaught with players all around the world.