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Update 1.1 Patch Notes & Discord Stage Recap

December 6, 2023

Greetings Kombatants!

Thank you to all who joined our recent Discord Stage! In case you missed it, here’s a look at what’s coming in Update 1.1.

Story Chapter 5: Jade

Given over to Shao Kahn as a child, Jade has spent her life as an assassin and imperial bodyguard. She has long been Princess Kitana's guardian and, over time, has become both her friend and confidante. When Kitana's relationship with Shao Kahn ruptures, Jade must decide who will receive her loyalty; to support one, she must betray the other.

Jade has a plan in Chapter 5! Play now to help Jade on mission and automatically add her to your kollection. She is a powerful 3-Star Melee Assassin who can teleport to her enemies and land targeted attacks with her iconic Staff.

50 New Chasm Battles

Plunge even deeper into the Chasm with 50 new Battles and more opportunities to earn rewards.

4 New Fighters

MK1 Shang Tsung is the first of 4 new Fighters to join the Onslaught roster in update 1.1. Stay tuned for more information on the other new Fighters & Khronicles in the coming weeks!!

  • Overview
    • MK1 Shang Tsung is a 5-Star Support Fighter. Heed your surroundings, Shang Tsung uses Stealth to slink in the shadows and sneak up on foes, crafts powerful tinctures boosting allies, bombards his foes with his alchemy, and uses his Special to conjure putrid venom!
      • Starting Star-Level: 5
      • Class: Support
      • Affinity: Mind
      • Character Tags: Support, Male, Magic, Outworld, Ranged, MK1
  • Special Ability: Putrid Deliverance
    • From a distance, Shang Tsung conjures a toxic well to rise beneath his foe and spew putrid venom on them that deals DAMAGE and inflicts POISON for a duration.
    • In correlation to Shang Tsung’s MASTERY, there is an increasing chance he calls upon Goro to deliver an attack on the same foe, dealing DAMAGE and granting a melee DAMAGE BOOST that lasts the same duration as the POISON to teammates targeting that foe.
  • Passives
    • Outworld Serpent
      • At the beginning of battle, Shang Tsung casts a spell of STEALTH over himself for a duration, so he can slink to the shadows and strike unsuspecting foes. Shang Tsung’s duration in the shadows increases in correlation to his MASTERY.
      • At Level 3, when Shang Tsung’s STEALTH is depleted, he will HEAL all teammates for a percentage of his MAX HEALTH.
  • Alchemy
    • Shang Tsung crafts a tincture that provides all teammates an incoming CRITICAL DAMAGE DECREASE—the potency doubled for MK1 teammates.
    • When a teammate BURNS a foe already afflicted with POISON from Putrid Deliverance, a reaction occurs, a gaseous explosion, that immediately inflicts all potential DAMAGE from any active DAMAGE over time effect, as well as UNHEALABLE and a SPECIAL METER DRAIN, on all foes within the explosion’s AREA OF EFFECT.
  • New Khronicle Event: Pursuit
    • Test out MK1 Shang Tsung in the new, limited time only Khronicle event: Pursuit. What happens when the Shang Tsung from this timeline is pitted against the Shang Tsung from a different timeline? Obviously, lots of vitriol and attempted soul stealing!
    • Make sure to check the Daily and Weekly Khronicle Quests to maximize your earnings of exclusive event currency, Cursed Souls!
    • MK1 Shang Tsung’s Exclusive Event Currency will be Cursed Souls, and we’ve made some adjustment so the Khronicle event energy can be earned 1.5x faster.

New Relic

Sorcerous Battle Claw | An Epic Relic that specializes in healing teammates and applying Poison.Equipable to Support Fighters Only.

‘Tis the Season

Look forward to a special login calendar that spans across 12 days with great rewards in there as a Special, “Thanks” for playing Mortal Kombat: Onslaught, and a new Arena Season is coming this January.

Quality of Life Improvements:

  • The ability to Skip Fatality Animation has been added
  • The ability to view unowned Fighters in Kollection menu has been added
  • We’ve improved labeling for free rewards and offers available in the store

Bug Fixes

  • Several more crashes have been addressed
  • Kontinue button now appears faster on Battle Results screen
  • Fixed issue with Daily Calendar animation that occurred for some players

Additionally, we are now limiting low end Android devices to 30 FPS to reduce device overheating.

Q&A with Mick Pack (Senior Designer)

Q: How does the counter work for Featured Summons?
A: The Featured Fighter Summon Counters do not reset, progress will be carried over into the next time that same Featured Fighter Summons returns

Q: Are there plans to bring back Khronicles after their first appearance?
A: Absolutely, we will bring back Khronicles that have already appeared and any uncompleted Achievement progress can be picked up at that time.

Q: Is the team aware of Arena boosting, and are there plans to address it?
A: We are aware of this and some solutions have been proposed to address, but no timeline announcements atm.

Q: Will there be any additional benefits for performing a 10x summon?
A: This is definitely planned for and will be looking to address in a future update.

Q: Will there be additional ways to earn Fighter XP?
A: In 1.1 - Fight XP will be awarded from the Liu Kang Boss Tower, and the XP amounts earned from daily quests will also be increased. Progression, in general, has been a notable ask from the Kommunity, so we definitely wanted to get this in there.

Q: What are we doing for stability of the game and device heat?
A: In update 1.1, we have made a ton of improvements and fixes for combat performance and are setting low-end devices to cap the framerate to 30 FPS to reduce overheating - with additional tuning to help with device heat coming in a later update.

Q: Will we be opening the game to emulators in the future?
A: It’s definitely being discussed; we want to make sure our players have options to experience MK: Onslaught - especially with the adjustments to minimum device spec in the past update… so even though I don’t have anything concrete to announce, it’s being looked at.

As always, thank you for playing Mortal Kombat: Onslaught.